Things To Avoid While In Fiji Islands


Fiji island is indeed a dream vacation destination for anyone, with its white sandy beaches and tropical trees, you will be able to relax and have a superb time.

Even though you are going for your dream vacation, there are certain things that you need to be aware of while on your vacation in this beautiful Island. Here’s your list;

Solo Hiking

Fiji Islands offers some of the most incredible sights for hikers, but most of the trails tend not to be well maintained. You could get into trouble if you are all alone so, it is best to have a guide who knows the area. For the hiking lovers try the Koroyanitu National park, you will find it truly memorable.

Share a cab

It would be very unwise to allow your cab driver to pick someone else up while you are in the car.

You could find yourself being robbed, raped, kidnapped or worse. Crime rates have risen all over the world not Fiji Island alone, always be alert and if you get the feeling that something is wrong then ask the driver to stop the car and alight from the vehicle. Another thing is to make sure you can roll your windows up and down by yourself for fresh air in case there is a peculiar smell. Follow your instincts, and it could save your life.  


In the island, the people there take their time in whatever they are doing without any rush. Once you are on the island, take your time and enjoy what it has to offer. Enjoy a coconut drink while enjoying the scenery. Mingle around and talk to the locals, you may learn something interesting.

Embrace the people’s way of living.

Provocative dressing

Yes, you are on an island, and the weather is warm, but the culture in Fiji island is that women should not show too much of their bodies. Especially when you are not at the beach, it is essential that you know this before you head there. If you are wearing shorts, make sure that they are knee length. It is good to mind the kind of tops that you wear as well so that you don’t offend anyone.

Pack comfortable but modest outfits for this trip in case you don’t have any then it would be time to go shopping before heading to the airport.

Party all night

The island life is vibrant during the day. For this reason, most bars close earlier than you would be accustomed to so that they can prepare for business the following day. If you do decide to hang out at night, you will find the place a bit lonely and come daytime you will be sleepy and hence miss out on the experience.

Have fun, make new friends, learn something new, relax but above all be safe.