Practical Tips for Women Traveling Alone


The number of women opting to travel the world alone is increasing by the day. However, Jimmy G from the Techy Ninjas team says that his wife Mariana and her sister say that some women fear traveling alone because they consider it risky. Traveling to some places can put a female traveler at risk. However, you can avoid this risk and ensure your security by following these tips for women traveling alone.

Research Your Travel Destination Carefully

Not every travel destination is ideal for solo female travelers. Therefore, take your time to research your travel destination and plan accordingly. For instance, find out about the safety history of a travel destination. Does the travel destination have safe neighborhoods? What do other travelers say about the place? How do you get around? Is there a decent hospital near where you will be staying? Your research should provide answers to such questions and enable you to stay safe when traveling alone.

Keep Valuables Safe When Traveling

Keep an eye on the valuables you can’t imagine losing. These can include birth certificates, expensive jewelry, and family heirlooms. If you must travel with such items, keep them safe during transit and while at your destination. However, consider leaving some of these valuables back home where they are safe if you won’t need them during the trip. Ideally, carry what you need and lock up the rest back at home.

Don’t Be Quick to Trust Everyone

You will meet new people when traveling. Some will be too friendly to you and seem trustworthy. However, don’t be too quick to trust everybody that tries to befriend you. Some criminals have mastered their art, and befriending travelers is one of their tricks. Once you make them your friends, they take advantage of any opportunity possible to steal your valuables. Therefore, don’t trust anybody that seems friendly.

In addition to these tips, try to blend in with the locals. That way, you will avoid drawing attention to yourself. Also, get travel insurance to ensure that you can always get assistance if things don’t go your way.