Practical Tips for Women Traveling Alone


The number of women opting to travel the world alone is increasing by the day. However, Jimmy G from the Techy Ninjas team says that his wife Mariana and her sister say that some women fear traveling alone because they consider it risky. Traveling to some places can put a female traveler at risk. However, you can avoid this risk and ensure your security by following these tips for women traveling alone.

Research Your Travel Destination Carefully

Not every travel destination is ideal for solo female travelers. Therefore, take your time to research your travel destination and plan accordingly. For instance, find out about the safety history of a travel destination. Does the travel destination have safe neighborhoods? What do other travelers say about the place? How do you get around? Is there a decent hospital near where you will be staying? Your research should provide answers to such questions and enable you to stay safe when traveling alone.

Keep Valuables Safe When Traveling

Keep an eye on the valuables you can’t imagine losing. These can include birth certificates, expensive jewelry, and family heirlooms. If you must travel with such items, keep them safe during transit and while at your destination. However, consider leaving some of these valuables back home where they are safe if you won’t need them during the trip. Ideally, carry what you need and lock up the rest back at home.

Don’t Be Quick to Trust Everyone

You will meet new people when traveling. Some will be too friendly to you and seem trustworthy. However, don’t be too quick to trust everybody that tries to befriend you. Some criminals have mastered their art, and befriending travelers is one of their tricks. Once you make them your friends, they take advantage of any opportunity possible to steal your valuables. Therefore, don’t trust anybody that seems friendly.

In addition to these tips, try to blend in with the locals. That way, you will avoid drawing attention to yourself. Also, get travel insurance to ensure that you can always get assistance if things don’t go your way.

Why Traveling Makes You Happier


People travel for different reasons. But, one of the major reasons why most people travel is to enhance their mental health. Travel can make a person happy in many ways. Here are some of the ways travel will make you happier. 

Tackling Unexpected Situations Enhances Your Self-Confidence 

When traveling, you come across unexpected situations. This happens even when a person plans the trip properly. Things take surprising turns when least expected. But, regardless of what happens, you have to come up with ways to deal with your situations. This enhances self-confidence and happiness. 

Happiness and Smile are Infectious 

When you travel, you meet smiling, friendly, and happy locals. These can have a knock-on effect immediately. Therefore, when you meet cheerful and friendly people during a trip, you also become happy. You can’t be annoyed when people meet you with beaming smiles. You also become happy and spread happiness to loved ones once you get back home. 

You Appreciate Home and Family after Being Away 

When you travel, you go away from home, family, and close friends. This makes you appreciate what you have. Calling home is not a chore. It’s something that you look forward to. You realize that being close to family and friends is something to cherish rather than take for granted. 

You Meet New People and Make New Friends 

Meeting and interacting with new people, as well as, making friends are thrilling. It’s an experience that brings happiness to many people. In addition to expanding your social circle, the social interactions you enjoy away from home makes you happy. 

Interesting Moments 

Some travel destinations present funny and bizarre situations. On coming back from a trip, you will look back and laugh at some of the moments you go through when traveling. This makes you happier while making life more interesting. 

Traveling brings happiness to the lives of people in different ways. So, if you’ve not been traveling, start now to make your life more interesting and fun.

Ground Travel Tips for Liquid Oxygen Users


The thought of traveling with liquid oxygen in a bus or train can make you feel like giving up on the entire idea. However, using liquid oxygen shouldn’t mean that you spend all your time confined in one place. You can travel with your liquid oxygen just like anybody else. Here are ground travel tips that can make your experience better when traveling with liquid oxygen. 

Carry the Oxygen Tank Properly 

When you travel by car, make sure that your oxygen tanks are always upright in the passenger area. This means you don’t carry the oxygen tanks in the trunk. When you do this, your oxygen tanks do not get overheated. Oxygen containers can release gas traces regularly. Therefore, crack the window to ensure that the car is always aired out. 

Inform the Bus Company 

When traveling by bus, give the bus company that you will use a notice of at least 48 hours. This will enable the company to make proper arrangements to facilitate your travel. It’s crucial to also inquire about specific regulations that the company might have in place. Some bus companies may not allow you to carry 3 or more oxygen canisters. Others will allow you to carry two canisters with you and another pair in your baggage compartment. What’s more, you may be asked to use protective cases to carry oxygen canisters in your baggage compartment. 

Talk to the Train Company

If you intend to travel by train, tell the company that you will be using that you will be carrying oxygen equipment. Do this when booking the train or half a day before departure. The train company will share specifications for liquid oxygen equipment with you so that you can make appropriate arrangements. For instance, some train companies allow passengers to carry 2 tanks of 50 pounds or 6 tanks of 20 pounds only. What’s more, the equipment must be approved by the relevant authorities. 

Follow these ground travel tips for liquid users to enjoy your travel experience whether you intend to use a bus or a train.

Things to Know Before You Travel with Medications


When traveling for a long time and you depend on prescriptions, it’s crucial to carry medications. However, some medications have rules that should be followed when traveling. What’s more, some medications might not be available in some travel destinations. Thus, you should carry them when traveling. Here are other things to know before you travel with medications. 

It’s Wise to Carry a Note from Your Doctor 

Although you can carry the medications you will need throughout the vacation period, it’s a wise idea to carry a note from your doctor. This should describe your medical condition, the dosage of the drug, and what should be done in case of an unexpected issue. That way, it will be easier for other people to help you while away from home. 

Doctors Recommend Keeping Drugs in Original Packages 

It’s important to keep medications in their original packages, complete with their stickers. This helps in case you are asked questions at the security line. If you need the help of a physician at your travel destination, they can also know the m3edications you’re already using. Pharmacists can also use the information on the packages to prescribe medicines at your travel destination. 

Learn About Laws that Govern the Transportation of Medicines Internationally 

Domestic trips recommendations apply when traveling to different oversea destinations. For instance, most countries advise travelers to carry medications in their original packages. They also recommend carrying a copy of a letter from their doctor. Prescriptions should also have a generic and brand name of a drug. When taking unusual drugs, such as those with narcotics like sedatives, it’s crucial to have a doctor’s note explaining the reason for carrying it. 

Pack Your Medications Wisely 

Medicines should be packed in a carry-on bag. However, you should talk to the relevant authorities when carrying herbal medicines and narcotics. Make sure that you adhere to all borders and terminal rules. 

The most important thing is to conduct extensive research to know the rules to follow when traveling with medications. That way, you can ensure a safe and smooth trip. 


When Should Travelers Book Hotel Rooms?


When should travelers book hotel rooms? This is a question that bothers almost every traveler when planning itineraries. While the golden rule is to always book in advance, it is important to know the precise timing for cost-savings and convenience. The following guidelines will assist you in determining the best time to book hotels. 

Advance Bookings 

You do not want to go through the hassles of searching for affordable accommodations upon reaching your final destination. In some destinations, you may not even find hotels to spend the night. Therefore, travel experts recommend that you should always book hotel rooms well in advance. Travelers should make reservations for accommodations about one month before their trips. 

Early bookings will enable you to find the best hotel rooms for your budget and preferences. Besides, booking hotel rooms one month before departure could also help you to avoid the common price hikes experienced in most hotels during peak seasons. 

Last Minute Hotel Deals 

Sometimes, booking hotels at the last minute can be very rewarding in terms of accommodation costs. Operating hotels with empty rooms are very costly. As a result, most hotels often offer lucrative discounts to last-minute guests to fill up the rooms. That means booking hotel rooms at such times could enable you to enjoy great accommodations for less. 

Despite the discounted rates, every hotel has unique policies on how low they can go when it comes to the prices of hotel rooms. Besides, waiting to book hotel rooms at the last minute can be disappointing since many hotels in renowned destinations experience a high demand that keeps them full throughout the holiday seasons. 

Overall, advance hotel booking is the best way to go. However, you should first compare the rates offered by different hotels at your destination based on your timing for the trip. Today, there are various travel apps that you can use to compare the rates issued by different hotel service providers. 


Important Tips for Active and Fun Travel


When you travel, you want to unwind, have fun, and create memories. Take a break from poolside lounging by trying these calorie-burning, fun activities during your next trip.

Engage in Activities in the Morning Hours

In the morning hours, the weather is most likely friendlier. Your also have higher energy levels. Your agenda will most likely be emptier in the morning. Therefore, engage in fun activities at this time.

Reacquaint with Sunsets and Sunrises

Take a stroll at dusk or dawn to rejuvenate your body. Make this a ritual while away from home. This will give you both spiritual and physical replenishment.

How to Plan a Trip with a Big Group

Get into the Waters

Avoid spending the entire vacation time sitting beside a swimming pool or ocean. Instead, get into the water to play games or swim. Standing with waist-high water alone can be as good as working out.

Fly a Stunt Kite

Try to fly stunt kites when wind blows at the beach or in an open space. Kites are easy to assemble and take apart. This makes them easier to travel with. Struggling to control kites gives the upper body a workout. Chasing the kit down is also a great workout.

Get Out of Your Car More Often

If you will spend much of your time on the road, take time to step out of the car for a while. Ideally, you should stop and step out after every two hours. Don’t pull over only when you have a nature call or when exhausted. Instead, walk, stretch, shop, picnic, and have fun outside the car more often. This is crucial for your energy and health. It will also make traveling more interesting.

Engage in Active Games

When you hear people talk about outdoor games, team sports like baseball, soccer, and hockey most likely strike your mind. These can be excessively strenuous and intimidating for adults that are no longer playing these sports. However, there are gentler games that you can try. These include table tennis, badminton, and lawn bowling. Play these games at least once during your vacation.

To be more active and have fun when traveling, plan your trip in advance. Plan an activity-based trip and your vacation will be more memorable, active, and fun.

How to Plan a Trip with a Big Group


How to Plan a Trip with a Big GroupHow to Plan a Trip with a Big Group

Traveling in the company of friends, family, colleagues or event strangers can be an amazing experience with so much to enjoy. Mr. Terrazas of GT Roofing Company and a fellow friend/blogger from Texas, explains his opinion to me once saying that, group trips give you an ample opportunity to bond freely, share experiences and learn more about traveling and life in general from one another. However, you must have a precise plan in order to achieve these benefits. Below are some of the basics of planning group trips that you should keep in mind for success.

Appoint One or Two People to Lead the Group

In a big group, you can expect a lot of conflicting opinions and expectations. As such, you need to have someone to act as a leader or mediator. While he or she may not have the final decisions, having a group leader will create a sense of order and help members find common grounds without a lot of arguments.

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Since you will be traveling as a team, communication is important to ensure that everyone is on the same page. The leader of the group should make sure that all members are updated on all matters related to the trip for cohesion and convenience. Although there is no guarantee that every member will have their way, all should be part of the decision making process. Today, there are many online apps that even beginner travelers can use to create plans for local and international trips as well as share the details with their members instantly.

Settle on a Budget

People usually have different ideas when it comes to the amount of money they spend while on trips. But, group trips require that you try to settle on a budget that all members can afford without any difficulties. Depending on the destination, purpose of the trip and your needs, settle on a budget beforehand and, let all members adhere to it. To get the most of the trip, group members should also be allowed to choose other activities outside the schedule if they can afford.

Planning a trip with a big group entails a lot but, the tips discussed above will help you put things in place easily and quickly.


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